The price of forest properties

If you own a forest property, you may want to know how to determine its price per hectare and sell it more profitably. Many factors affect the value of the forest, and you must consider them to make the sales transaction as profitable as possible.

What factors determine the price of forest property

Various factors related to the quality of the forest wood, the condition of the forest, and its location determine the prices of forest property. A certified specialist can carry out a forest inventory to determine the price of a forest. During the forest inventory process, the type, composition, age, diameter, height, amount of wood, and quality of the forest stand are determined. The data from the forest inventory is submitted to the State Forest Service and the State Land Service to determine the cadastral value of the forest property.

Forest price per hectare

The age and composition of the forest stand affect the price of the forest per hectare. The most valuable are hardwood forests (for example, ash, birch, oak) that have reached the felling age. The age of the forest stand is the time it takes for the forest to reach a certain quality and volume of wood.

The felling age of a forest stand is when it has reached an optimal volume and quality of wood, making it suitable for profitable harvesting. Usually, the felling age is 80-120 years for coniferous forests and 100-140 years for hardwood forests. In Latvia, the felling age is from 40 to 100 years depending on the tree species.

How the state of the forest affects its value

The state of the forest is of great importance. If the forest property is well-maintained, renewed, has available main felling, is dry and fertile, and the young stands are well-maintained, the price for such a property will only increase. On the other hand, the value of a wet, infertile, felled, or unrenewed forest will be significantly lower.

Forest maintenance measures promote the health and productivity of the forest stand, while forest renewal measures ensure a new forest stand after forest felling or natural disaster.

Other factors that affect the price

  • Location. The closer to large cities or wood industry companies, the higher the price.
  • Access road. The shorter the distance from the forest to the access road, the lower the transportation costs.
  • Quality of the access road. The better the roads, the easier the access and transportation.
  • Nature reserves. The value of a forest can increase or decrease if it’s near water or has protected biotopes, depending on its protection status and usage possibilities.

How to sell the forest more profitably

To sell your forest more profitably, it is important to know its value and use professional and reliable help. Contact us and find out the true value of your forest. We will help you find a buyer and sell the forest at the highest price.

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