Forest and forest land


Sell your forest or forest land at the highest price to the end buyer. Funds buy forest and forest land. If you decide to sell your forest, ensure to get the best offer and the highest price from Kalme. Fill out the form and get more value from your forest.

Did you know that most companies that buy forests and forest land are just resellers and intermediaries who immediately resell the forest after purchasing it?

It has to be admitted that there are cases where large funds do not buy forest properties with agricultural land or buildings. In such cases, resellers do what the owner does not want or cannot do – they separate agricultural land, buildings and sell the land to a farmer, while the forest property is sold to funds. The devil is not always as black as he is painted because such separation is usually expensive and time-consuming.

In most cases, the end buyer is a foreign or local fund with a long-term vision of managing forests. The profitability of forests in the Baltic States is from 3 to 3.5% per year, so investing in forest property is much more profitable than keeping money in a bank. Dare to get more for your property – contact us!

Fondi pērk mežu. Pērk mežu par augstām cenām. Meža zemes cenas 2021



If you decide to sell your forest or forest land, do it wisely and don’t rush to sell to the first bidder. Make sure you get the best price with Kalme.

We will offer your forest to Scandinavian and local funds that pay a fair market price. Don’t fall for the sweet words and empty promises of resellers.

Your forest is your wealth, which becomes more valuable every year. Kalme invites every client carefully consider selling their forest. Do not sell- if you can!


Required documents.

If you would like Scandinavian or local forest funds to review your forest or forest land and make a forest purchase offer, the following additional information is required:

  • Stand characteristics in PDF and SHP formats. Forest owners can obtain them in any forestry once a year for free. These data are not available to third parties.
  • Plan of forest parcels. Forest owners can obtain it in any forestry once a year for free. These data are not available to third parties.
  • Land boundary plan. This document must be with every immovable property owner. If it is lost, you should contact the State Land Service.

Useful resources:

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Get a fair price for your forest!


Kalme cooperates with many private and Scandinavian forest funds, which are direct buyers of forest land. To get the highest price per hectare of forest, fill out the short form or call.