Buy agricultural land or forest

Are you interested in buying agricultural land or forest? Did you know buying land or forest property is one of the best investment options? Because the value of a properly managed property will likely increase over time, mainly outpacing the rate of inflation, so you will not lose your money.

The real estate intermediary company SIA Kalme is one of the leading in the market. We offer a wide range of forest and land properties. We are proud that every year we can provide the opportunity to purchase properties with a total area exceeding 10,000 hectares. Kalme is a reliable and professional partner providing comprehensive and individual service in all real estate transactions related to the purchase or sale of agricultural land or forest.

How does it happen?

1. Fill out the form;
2. Await a message from our representative;
3. Receive an offer and choose the property that best suits your needs.

Would you prefer to meet with us in person and discuss any questions you may have? Contact us, and we will schedule a meeting at a time and place that works for you.

Kalme – a reliable partner that will help you find the most suitable land or forest property.